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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose NJ FLAG?

  • A: State of the Art Facility: Total Turf Experience is Southern New Jersey’s premier indoor sports facility. No matter what the weather conditions are, day or night, Total Turf Experience (TTE) will provide athletes with a safe, clean, and friendly atmosphere for your sports enjoyment.

    • Turf Fields: They are much more durable than grass. They allow better access and can be played on in any weather.  They allow youth sports organizations practice space; they might not otherwise have. Spring and Fall rains can result in many cancellations of games and practices slated for grass fields. One game on a muddy field can ruin the field for the rest of the season.


Q: Why should my child play NJ Flag Football?

  • With the increase of concussions and head injuries in tackle football, NJ Flag Football gives your child a much safer way to play football. It also will help teach him or her, the fundamentals of the game. Learning to play the game the right way will help your child prevent injuries in the future when they decide to play contact football.

  • Your child will also be provided with lifetime memories. 

Q: What are the age divisions?

  • 3-4 Tiny Tykes (Co-ed) - Total Turf Only

  • 5-6 (Co-ed)

  • 7-8 (Co-ed) / 8U Girls

  • 9-10 (Co-ed) / 10U Girls

  • 11-12 (Co-ed) / 12U Girls

  • 13-14 (Co-ed) / 14U Girls


Q: What is the age cut off?

  • AGE CUT OFF AS OF January 1ST, 2024.

    • For example, if your player is 8 years old ON 1/1/2024, he/she should be participating in the 7/8 division EVEN THOUGH he turns 9 later that year.


Q: Is this a competitive league?

  • Yes, there is competition in every age group. Some teams are new and novice. There are teams that may have been together for seasons respectably.


Q: When and where are the games?

  • Games will be played on Sundays.

  • Games are Total Turf in Pitman, NJ - all seasons.

  • Games are also played at Cherry Hill West High School (Spring) or Cherry Hill High School East (Fall).

  • Season promo flyers will have start dates and confirmed location.

    • **Dates and times are subject to change.**

Q: Weather Conditions?

  • All games are RAIN OR SHINE. An exception would be if the forecast calls for lightning and/or thunder. NJ Flag will update the league under those circumstances.

Q: When will a time schedule be available?

  • An official time schedule will not be available until AFTER all registrations are closed and teams are formed with coaches. 

    • NOTE: Playoff schedule is NOT included in the initial schedule. The playoff schedule and brackets will be determined AFTER the regular season is completed.​


Q: When and where are practices?

  • Practices for players can be held at a local park or a safe open space. Typically, practices are held once a week for an hour.

  • It is at the coach's discretion to determine when and where practices will be held.

  • All coaches are volunteer parents. Check out the "Volunteer Coaches" Tab on the home page for more information.


Q: How long are games? Season?

  • The games are played in two 15 minute halves, running clock, 30-minute game play.

  • Each team will play a minimum of 7 games, including playoffs. Each team makes the playoffs. 

  • Seasons are about 7 to 8 weeks long.


Q: How much does it cost?

  • Price varies ($150 - $175) based on location. Price includes a NFL Flag Jersey, a pair of Sonic pop in game flags (non-velcro), and a mouth guard.



Q: Are soft shell helmets required to participate?

  • Yes, soft shell helmets are REQUIRED to participate. There is a link to the helmet NJ Flag recommends at the bottom of you confirmation email once you complete registration. HOWEVER, you can purchase a helmet from anywhere - most parents purchase from Amazon.


Q: Can players register individually or as a team?

  • BOTH.

    • Players can register individually - you will be placed on a team at random.

    • If a group would like to register as a team, please submit your roster (a list of player's names) with a coach(es) to and you will be grouped as a team based on the roster submitted. 

      • **However, each player will still have to register individually.**


Q: Can you request teammates?

  • Yes, you can add a name to special request section during registration; however, requests are not guaranteed .

Q: How many players on each team?

  • We recommend 8-12 players on each team. Coaches can request more players if they choose to. 


Q: What kind of shoes should I wear?

  • We recommend football cleats or soccer cleats. We do not recommend sneakers! 

Q: Can I request a refund?


  • Transfers will be issued after the registration deadline, refund requests must be submitted via email ( prior to the registration deadline to be considered.

  • If a situation arises before the start of the season where a player can no longer participate, players are able to transfer their registration to another season, however, a $15 transfer fee will apply.  

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