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Volunteer Coaches

VOLUNTEER COACHES ARE PARENTS. We appreciate their time and effort while helping and encouraging our young athletes.



Practices are completely at the coaches discretion. We ask that teams practice at least once a week. Furthermore, coaches need to establish clear communication with the team and parents. Please do not volunteer if you can not take on these responsibilities.

  • Only 1 football is provided to the coach at the coaches meeting. All extra practice gear may be purchased by the volunteer. Flags are also provided and apart of the uniform.

A coach is placed on the team associated with their player. 


In the event a team does not have any volunteers to register, NJ Flag will email the team asking for parents to volunteer. If a parent does not volunteer within 2 days before the official game start date, a NJ Flag representative will ONLY coach the team until a parent is available.


NJ Flag has a primary coaches meeting explaining all flag rules before the season begins. We also provide resources like the official PDF copy of the NFL Flag Rule Book and starter playbooks.

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